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Cheeks on the beach irk some

I wasn’t the only one who spotted Thong Man hanging out on the north shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene recently. Post Falls Councilwoman Kerri Thoreson did, too. Kerri, who writes the OnLocation North Idaho and More Main Street blogs, snapped a photo. I posted it at Huckleberries Online. And the debate was on. Again. Thong man, in his thong bathing suits, has become a semi-nude fixture since he won a 4-2 council vote back when for his right to bare buns. County Clerk Dan English was a council member at the time. On Huckleberries Online recently, he explained why he backed Thong Man: “My main point was that the police had much better things to do than check out the cheeks on the beach. The police certainly seemed happy with our vote.” Thong Man doesn’t get much attention any more. But he still has his detractors. Berry Picker Idaho Dad considers him an “exhibitionist who gets his jollies stripping down in front of people.” Most of my Berry Pickers side with Dan English, including Eagle Keeper, who said Thong Man has a right to wear a thong if women can wear bikinis. Then, Eagle Keeper is somewhat of a fatalist who considers bikinis and thongs: “Skin cancer suits for all.”

I Heart Sandpoint

Most of you know Ben Stein’s character in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”: the monotone economics instructor. Some of you know him as a political commentator for conservative American Spectator. And fewer still know that he regularly visits Sandpoint. In a recent American Spectator column, he waxed poetic about the friendliness of his home away from home: “I am happy to be here. The kids come up to me for autographs. I love that. The girls giggle and want their picture taken with me. Everyone who drives by waves at me. Contrast that with Beverly Hills, where no one even says, ‘Hello,’ when you walk past. Or Malibu, which I love beyond words, but it really lacks friendly people except for Cruz, my pal at Howe’s Market, and Dusty Peak, my electrician pal.” Now, no one go and ruin our Zen moment here by mentioning the contentious Sandpoint Bypass.


At the Idaho Statesman, sports scribe Brian Murphy understandably got so caught up in Kristin Armstrong’s world cycling championship that he offered four candidates for the greatest Idaho athlete ever: Armstrong, baseball slugger Harmon Killebrew, Olympian Picabo Street and jockey Gary Stevens. North Idahoans, of course, know the correct answer (to best Idaho athlete ever): Olympic gold medalist Dan O’Brien, the former UIdaho decathlete … Bumpersnicker (on an older sedan parked alongside the old prosecutor’s office): “Beautify Idaho … plant a developer” … And the answer is – the floating boardwalk. Poll question asked on Huckleberries Online: “Which waterfront property owned by Duane Hagadone is your favorite?” Choices included the Coeur d’Alene Resort, golf course, floating green, and even Duane’s new 30,000-square-foot Casco Bay digs … In case you were wondering why challenger Dan Gookin isn’t hanging out at any more, his alter ego, Mary Souza, offers this explanation: “Dan decided that as a candidate for city council it would be best if his time was not split with a separate blog.” Read: It’s also easier to avoid ideological slips which give opponents fodder for debates.

Parting shot

In the North Idaho College Sentinel, the Chokecherries columnist reports the admission office was recently cleared out when the smell of new paint on the walls made counselors woozy. Then, tongue firmly cheeked, the columnist added a note to students: “This is an isolated incident. Generally speaking, getting high in class, and using that as an excuse to leave is frowned upon.” Seems the kids are still following Timothy Leary’s admonition to “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Alas.