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The Slice: ‘Spokane couple’ still in the news

Whenever I meet people who don’t read the newspaper, I wonder.

How do they keep up with the exploits of “Spokane couple”? I mean, just the archived S-R headlines alone tell quite a story.

Remember when Spokane couple “Started business after crafting blooms for wedding”?

Sure. Or who can forget when we learned that they “Face federal smuggling charges.”

Then there was the time they were “Separated by violence in Kenya.”

But still, Spokane couple found time to “Translate Bible into tribal language that previously had no written form.”

What will they think of next?

I guess we were all pleased to learn they had won the lottery and would “Take home jackpot.”

Perhaps that’s how come we read that you know who “Offers $808,000 cash for historic building.”

Too bad they were accused of “Taking classified information.”

Nonetheless, their “Historic house is the perfect setting for a classical holiday concert.”

And it was nice to know their entry “Wins charity raffle for vacation in Hawaii.”

Maybe that’s where they would “Learn about passion for nature photography.”

Of course, they were already busy with their project to “Act as eyes for visually impaired skiers.”

Aren’t they something? It was so great to read that our favorite couple “Finds love and marriage through the newspaper classifieds.”

And then “Pens guide to Scotland.”

We wished them well as they “Try to ‘friendly up’ the many wild cats that call their North Side property home.”

And cheered them on when headlines told us the dynamic duo “Urges legislature to make changes” and “Sues state over adoption.”

Never mind that they were “Charged in equity scheme.”

What a full, rich life they have led.

I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

Today’s Slice question: How many Inland Northwest Christians are not social conservatives?

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