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Tue., Oct. 6, 2009

McLaughlin is reliable defender

Who was the City Council candidate in 2005 who testified before the council, challenging them to turn down a deal to sell Joe Albi Stadium and the surrounding 89 acres for a meager $2.3 million? Who is the current council member who worked to make sure this property was developed into the amazing sports complex it is today?

Oh, that’s Nancy McLaughlin.

Who lost union support in 2008 because she voted against their demand for a 5 percent pay increase for the next four years, stating, “The city just can’t afford this”? The same pay increase Mayor Mary Verner told the union months later they must return or face layoffs.

Oh, that’s Nancy McLaughlin.

Who on the City Council stood up to the environmental extremists and voted against the Sustainability Action Plan, stating it will needlessly cost the city money but accomplish little?

Oh, that’s Nancy McLaughlin.

Who on the City Council today is standing up against the Envision Spokane plan, Proposition 4, that would drown our city in a quagmire of lawsuits if passed?

Oh, that’s Nancy McLaughlin.

Who has the courage and conviction to be ahead of the curve when the road ahead is unclear?

Oh, that’s Nancy McLaughlin. Vote Nancy!

Penny Lancaster


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