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Thu., Oct. 8, 2009

EPA beyond control

I just read in the paper where Lisa P. Jackson, Environmental Protection Agency administrator, said she and EPA would act on their own if Congress did not do as she says on climate change. Is not this government agency part of the U.S.? Does not all their funding come from Congress (I mean the American taxpayers)?

If I were a member of Congress, Miss Jackson would soon be looking for another job and she would miss all that travel, five-star hotels and six-figure salary, etc.

Congress spending is out of control as well as all government agencies. I live in Idaho’s Shoshone County, where this same EPA thinks filling in wetlands and flood plains with toxic waste from mines is good for our climate and environment.

This agency has been here for about 30 years, using smoke and mirrors to do whatever they want. No logic or common sense is needed or used. They will most likely be here for another 100 years.

There is no accountability to the American people for spending our money.

Terry E. Smith

Pinehurst, Idaho

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