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Letters to the Editor

Thu., Oct. 8, 2009

Tax policy hurting America

The economy in Spokane right now is shaky at best. Businesses are already struggling to make it in this fragile economy, yet the administration wants to increase taxes for American-based global corporations. The government needs to support American businesses growing and expanding into overseas markets, not punish them. Successful businesses are essential to our economic recovery.

These same corporations give back and support our community, but if they face higher international taxes, I am certain that will stop. Our local food bank is already suffering from the lack of donations, and that is only one of many charities that rely on the support of our global American corporations. Why is this administration even proposing raising taxes on our internationally operating American corporations when the economic outlook is so bleak?

The government needs to support our corporations, so they can grow and give back to local communities. We need reform that keeps American corporations competitive globally and supports economic growth and job creation. Tax increases like these will only devastate our country.

Glenda Lewis


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