The Slice: Soon, they’ll start arriving left and right

Let the countdown begin.

With just seven weeks until Thanksgiving, it’s time to start dreading that collision with the bilious social/political views of your extended family.

Heather Leveque’s two-step strategy for not eating up the trick-or-treat candy before Halloween: 1. Be allergic to nuts. 2. Buy candy that has nuts in it.

Where in the world is Spokane, Washington: “When people ask me about Spokane’s location relative to Seattle, I tell them that it’s closer to Missoula than Seattle — both geographically and culturally,” wrote Mike Storms.

And if they’ve never heard of Missoula or are unsure about Montana’s precise location, well, you can just say Spokane is near nature.

Come and get it: “My husband says our smoke detectors just tell him when dinner’s ready,” said Alice Spray.

What to do with those magnet ads that arrive on the phone book like suckerfish on sharks: Pam Pierson and Lila Kimm glue family photos on the front and put them on the fridge.

Speaking of phone books: One reader who recalls the outhouse era said it’s too bad we didn’t have all these different directories back then.

Enough said.

Language-use pet peeves: Mary Anne Will wonders why people say “take a listen.”

“Can’t we just listen?” she wondered.

It bugs Vern Cox when TV news types overdo it with “actually.”

And a caller chided me for The Slice’s occasional use of “head” to mean “go in the direction of.”

Um, I’m pretty sure the dictionary is on my side there. But maybe that caller used his in the outhouse.

Today’s Slice question: How many Slice readers can remember when gas stations gave away steak knives, beverage glasses, thermometers, et cetera?

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