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Flood of last-minute cash against Wash. I-1033

OLYMPIA — There’s a flood of last-minute cash pouring into the campaign against Initiative 1033 to limit government spending.

The big checks, totaling about $1.5 million, were reported to state officials over the weekend.

Among the major donors are national unions for teachers and government workers, who gave $200,000 each. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates donated $100,000.

The “no” campaign now has about $2.5 million to spend in the final weeks before the November election.

Initiative sponsor Tim Eyman says opponents are simply trying to buy the election.

I-1033 would cap the yearly growth of state, county and city checking accounts. Revenue collected over the cap would go to property tax relief, with some exceptions. Governments could collect revenue above the cap if they ask voters for approval.

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