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National plan? No thanks

Froma Harrop’s column of Oct. 3 suggests we OK national health care and later work out the kinks? Is this a harbinger of things to come? Build a bridge without a blueprint, then fix the mistakes. Construct an automobile and then repair the defects. Convict a defendant and then have a trial.

Silly, isn’t it? No more than a proposal to pass a health plan without even reading the details. She states that we can remove the warts later, good luck if you can find a doctor and make an appointment. Canadians are coming to the USA for surgery, spending their own money for procedures that they can’t get in Canada.

Froma says that once we get a taste of the new health care, we won’t want to give it up; then why has it taken so long to even get this far? Three quarters of a century ago Franklin D. Roosevelt first proposed national health care. Maybe just maybe the American people have had the good sense to reject the hijacking of our medical care by liberal socialists as evidenced by town hall and tea party protests.

Antone Ornellas

Post Falls