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Reid no statesman

Statesmanship does not fit U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (“Health reform riding on Reid’s statesmanship,” Oct. 4). He is leading the charge to take the U.S. further toward bankruptcy with a costly health reform measure involving one-sixth of the American economy.

Under his leadership, don’t expect the Senate to publish their bill for public review. Don’t even expect senators to read it. Citizens seem to be a nuisance to him. His task is to ram the costly health bill through the Senate as quickly as possible.

Some of us still hold out hope for statesmanship from Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell by calling for a halt to this madness in massive spending. Even the president admitted that the U.S. is out of money.

However, following health care reform, the Senate will take up the “cap and trade” energy legislation that will produce another blow to our economy with new high taxes. On this present course, Sen. Reid will distinguish himself as the anti-statesman, far from a profile in courage.

David M. Wallace