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Sad day for U.S. policy

The U.S. has thrown Israel under the bus, abstaining on a resolution requiring the Israelis to give up their nuclear weapons. This allowed the resolution to pass, signaling a betrayal to the best ally we have.

The U.S. has only one friend in the Middle East, and that friend is Israel. If you don’t believe it, review the videos of the Arab countries cheering and laughing in the streets after 9/11, and compare it to the weeping Israelis.

President Barack Obama’s Neville Chamberlain-like policy of appeasement, including selling out the Eastern European countries with our revised missile defense program and backing a Central American dictator’s illegal attempt to hold power, is telling the world that we have no backbone for a fight. I wasn’t a President George W. Bush fan, but I’d take him any day over this tail-between-the-legs foreign policy.

Hal R. Dixon