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Tue., Oct. 13, 2009

Tales of suffering mount

I wonder if it really sinks into our consciousness that people are suffering and dying in unknown numbers in this land of plenty because they do not have health insurance. Please look at Sen. Patty Murray’s Web site on health care where she relates some of the 5,000 tragic, real-life lack-of-health care stories submitted to her so far ( stories.cfm) by Washingtonians.

Do we think about the fact that some 60 percent of bankruptcies are caused by overwhelming medical expenses? Can those who oppose the public option walk in the shoes of these people for even a short while? Can they consider their plight and imagine how they feel in that circumstance?

If they did, I think the arguments against the public option, which is the cornerstone of meaningful reform, would pale.

Related: Are you aware that the CEO of United Health Care reportedly made $700 million in the last five years? Surely it is time for health insurance for people and not for profit.

Don Wilson


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