Letters to the Editor

SUNDAY, OCT. 18, 2009

Give the serfs a break

In the Middle Ages, the serfs were required to work for their noble or landlord about 30 percent of their time. Today, local, state and federal taxes and regulations now take over 50 percent of our personal income. Initiative 1033 would help stop the further growth of government and maybe let us serfs keep a few more dollars in our own pockets.

Proposition 4 is nothing more than another socialistic welfare scheme that would add millions to the tax burden of city residents. Mike Fagan supports 1-1033 and opposes Prop 4 because he understands the average family can hardly make ends meet, largely because we have to work half the year to pay our taxes. He will work to stop the growth of city government, lower our taxes, and make Spokane a better and more affordable place to live.

Mike Fagan deserves our votes for City Council.

Steve Dunham


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