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Give Wulff a chance

Sun., Oct. 18, 2009, midnight

I am surprised by Ed Hollow’s suggestion (Letters, Oct. 11, “Cougars need Akey”) for coach Paul Wulff’s dismissal after just 11/2 years.

The general consensus was that it would take three to four years to rebuild this program. While I agree that Robb Akey would have been an excellent coach at WSU, I believe that Wulff will bring competitive football back and we will all be proud of the Cougars.

This man has the toughest job in college football. If the Cougars are still in this position two years from now, then demands for change will be justified.

I have never seen a team so decimated with injuries. They have young kids just out of high school going up against NFL-type beasts. Can we really expect this team to be competitive with so many inexperienced and physically undeveloped kids? Patience is not only a virtue, it is absolutely essential under these circumstances.

May I also point out that there was a time in Cougars football history that numerous freshmen and sophomores were pressed into action. A few years later, the Cougars went to the Rose Bowl, facing No. 1-ranked Michigan and came up a few seconds short of one of the greatest upsets in collegiate bowl history.

Allan LeTourneau



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