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I-1033 is irresponsible

The Spokane City Council has unanimously recommended that voters reject Initiative 1033, the latest brainchild of Tim Eyman and his buddy on the East Side, Mike Fagan. Council members realize, as should all citizens, that I-1033 is another attack on the fabric of American society, cutting services to the general public such as police, firefighting, schools, road maintenance, libraries and children’s health care, which do require taxes, whether we like it or not. Amber Waldref, candidate for City Council, agrees that I-1033 would be a disaster for our community.

The trouble with I-1033 is that it limits the amount that can be spent by government using last year as its baseline. 2008 was one of the most troubled years economically in recent history, approaching the years of the Great Depression.

People were without jobs. Their lack of income resulted in a precipitous drop in spending, which meant a huge reduction in state revenue since it relies heavily on sales tax. Because of this, essential services are drying up. Do we want this decline in our quality of life to continue? I say no.

Waldref is running against Fagan for City Council. She is competent, effective and understands that I-1033 is irresponsible.

Linda Greene



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