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Landers off target

Sun., Oct. 18, 2009

Rich Landers once again shows his apathy toward animal welfare in general. (“Pacelle’s HSUS again …,” Oct. 15,).

Landers, being a responsible hunter, does not make it the norm. Didn’t we just read about several poaching incidents in our area? If you think only the “lowest of society” are irresponsible hunters, think again. One of these poachers was a veterinarian!

Being involved several years with animal welfare, I have witnessed first-hand animal abuse and neglect in our community. No, the Spokane Humane Society is not the HSUS, but, without these national groups lobbying congress to enact/update laws, which requires tremendous revenue, local backyard breeding and abuse will thrive and shelters will continue euthanizing unwanted animals at record paces. Laws need to be changed before this flood of killing at our local shelters will stop.

HSUS has had its share of problems over the years, but so have many large nonprofit organizations. I will say it again, if Landers really wanted to focus attention on “donated money wasted by nonprofit groups,” United Way has one of the worst records, yet is one of the most revered.

Tia Rosetti-Mills

Newman Lake


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