October 21, 2009 in Letters

Corporations in America

The Spokesman-Review

A recent letter advocating lower taxes for “American-based global corporations” stated twice, “our government needs to support our corporations … not punish them,” so they can “grow and give back to local communities.” Well, America continually bends over backward for corporations and gets kicked in the teeth for its trouble (never mind the physics involved; it’s only metaphorical). Corporations whine about government interference and then come to that very same government with their hands out when they run their businesses into a ditch. They lay off thousands at home and replace them with workers overseas to pad the bottom line. This is giving back to the community?

Wall Street ratings shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of a healthy American economy. How about if corporate America takes one for the team from time to time and reduces profit margins, shareholder dividends and executive salaries in order to preserve jobs? How about if corporations support America for a change?

Steven A. Wells


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