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Wed., Oct. 21, 2009

Government is inept fixer

I was troubled by the subtle, condescending tone in which Jim Kershner’s article on health care reform (Oct. 10) was written. Perhaps the person in question was unable to articulate her concerns on the subject of health care reform, or maybe they did not want to get into a mind-numbing argument with an ideologue that has already made up their mind on the subject.

I will take a stab at what concerns the average citizen. Can government really fix anything? Think Social Security, Medicaid, education, banking, etc., etc.

Does government improve the quality and efficiency of anything? Does anyone really believe that we can insure 30 million to 60 million new citizens and there will be no increase in our taxes? If we add tens of millions of newly insured people, won’t the system be strained beyond its ability?

Why the rush to pass a bill of this magnitude and importance this fast?

Mr. Kershner expresses his realization that he could be without health insurance if he loses his job. The implication is that government needs to do something. We need to realize that the government is not where we should look to solve our problems.

Tony Caruso


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