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Sat., Oct. 24, 2009

Evolution not a matter of luck

Laura Carder (“Creation science is logical,” Letters, Oct. 18) wonders how complex biological structures could “come about by billions of years of lucky chances.” That is a reasonable question, but one that is irrelevant with respect to the theory of evolution.

Biological evolution occurs as a consequence of genetic variation working together with natural selection. Natural selection is the antithesis of lucky chance. It is a selective filtering process that gives preference to attributes that contribute to enhanced survival. That is how favorable changes are passed from generation to generation and amplified through evolutionary processes. Genetic algorithms, based on the concept of natural selection, are now used to solve many once-intractable mathematical problems, thus attesting to the efficacy of the process.

Carder contends creationism is logical. That is true only to the same extent that the existence of Santa Claus is logical to children. While beliefs based on incomplete and/or erroneous information may be logical within the context of such information, they rarely represent reality.

The theory of evolution is taught in science class because it is based on the best scientific evidence available. Teaching creationism would be as logical as teaching the biblical “demon possession theory” of disease.

Jack DeBaun


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