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Sat., Oct. 24, 2009

Faith, evolution compatible

On Oct. 18, in “Creation science is logical,” Laura Carder states that macro evolution “is the atheists’ way to explain origins without a creator.” So, are ordinary educated people who consider evolution reasonable and common sense hereon branded atheists?

As a Christian, I accept evolution as a good scientific theory that fits what we observe. I believe God wrote the laws of nature, and set the whole creation process running some 14 billion years ago with a singular explosive event. I believe evolution of life on our planet was a predestined part of that original grand design. DNA complexity is not evidence against evolution. The incomprehensible amount of time available for the slow, cumulative selection of advantageous steps is the basis for evolutionary science, not luck.

Evolution and spontaneous creation will always remain untestable theories because we don’t have eons to sit back waiting for them to happen. But the wealth of evidence supporting the former, plus its observable driving force of natural selection, show us only evolution is worthy of the name “science.”

Believing in God is an act of faith, and is good for our inner spirit. Believing God chose evolution to build the human race is not much different.

David Fisher


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