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Sun., Oct. 25, 2009

No shortage of theories

Laura Carder’s response to the Spokesman’s critique of her was discomforting. She, along with the godly, entertain themselves by specifying that Darwinian evolution is just a “theory” and would rather have junk science parallel legitimate science in public schools.

Her cynicism of Darwinian evolution would (or should) lead such a person to be as cynical with other scientific theories such as: the germ theory of disease, theory of relativity, theory of plate tectonics, Copernican theory, and Newton’s theory of gravity. It is interesting that the creationists never seem to challenge the above – except Darwin’s.

Besides self-educating herself with the above, I would also recommend the Urey/Miller experiment and Murchison meteorite for her questions about planetary life. If she is an advocate for such pestilence in our public schools then she should be willing to have astrology and alchemy inculcated as well. Her credulousness and willful ignorance should raise concerns – for some voters.

John Frostad


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