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Spokane ranks low in home foreclosures

The pace of home foreclosures in Spokane increased during the third quarter, but the city improved its ranking relative to 203 other cities monitored by RealtyTrac, which released its latest survey Tuesday.

At one foreclosure for every 985 homes, Spokane was 189th in the rankings, with a total 198 foreclosures in July, August and September.

The rate was one for every 3,680 homes in the second quarter, good for 187th place, and one per 1,060 in the first quarter.

Despite the quarter-to-quarter increase, foreclosures have fallen 47 percent since the third quarter of 2008.

Although not included in the survey, Kootenai County’s foreclosure rate in the third quarter, one for every 95 homes, would have placed it between No. 40 Salt Lake City, with one per 98 homes, and Tucson, Ariz., with one per 93 homes.

Las Vegas continued to hold to the No. 1 spot, with one of every 20 homes in foreclosure. Utica-Rome, N.Y., was last, with only one foreclosure per 5,441 homes.

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