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FRIDAY, OCT. 30, 2009

Can’t compare public, private

Cal Thomas seems firmly embedded in the 19th century and given to much dreaming. Once again he has extolled the virtues of private schools and called for supporting an exodus from public schools as a strategic goal (Oct. 27).

Real smart. Tell us, Cal, from where would you recruit your labor pool? You need as many if not more teachers who now serve in the public schools, that is, presuming you want to maintain the goal of universal education.

If you don’t believe in universal education, say so. Then explain how America is going to maintain its economic place without an educated populace.

There is no avoiding this dilemma. It seems I have to frame it every five years or so for the many Cal Thomases. To my knowledge, no conservative has ever addressed it.

It is meaningless to compare private and public schools’ efficiency and performance levels so long as private schools can pick and choose their students while public schools must take all comers, including the physically and mentally disadvantaged who are extremely expensive to educate.

What will happen to them, Cal, in your system of private schools? I’m guessing not much.

Lee Freese


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