October 30, 2009 in Letters

Civic spirit in decline

The Spokesman-Review

According to polls taken regarding Initiative 1033, it seems projected to pass (45 percent yes versus 32 percent no, according to King 5/Survey USA).

When I recently read this statistic I was both saddened and surprised. I guess I just assumed there was a more mature civic spirit among us. It’s as if, like little spoiled children, we are only thinking of our own shortsighted needs and to hell with the larger needs of the community (of which we are a part).

What happened to the old-fashioned civic ethic based on the common good? As much as all of us hate to pay taxes, like it or not, our property taxes pay for the services we value. And, if 1033 passes, you will notice the difference (for the worse). It’s time to get real, move beyond the small picture of “what’s in it for me” and recognize that there is indeed a direct connection between what we spend and what we receive.

To the citizens that really care for the important services that keep this state healthy, please get busy today and talk to your family and friends. Convince them to vote no on Initiative 1033.

Gary Jewell


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