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Actions outweigh fliers

A Realtor PAC in Olympia “cares enough” about Spokane to mail voters in District 2 an 8 1/2-by11-inch, $17,000-or-more flier asking that Mike Allen be elected to the Spokane City Council. The flier identifies him as the “quality of life” candidate.

I believe in apple pie also. However, Jon Snyder’s actions speak louder than Allen’s words and actions. Jon, last summer, co-founded a green directory, a local guide to green and sustainable living (I like his emphasis on and use of cycling). He previously worked on The Directory for Seniors and Their Families. He advocates smart economic development that creates jobs. He restored an abandoned school into a three-unit apartment building where he and his family live.

Mike Allen made the motion to weaken Mayor Mary Verner’s sustainability initiative, and voted against the open-space wishes of the Southgate neighborhood by voting for big-box stores in that area. He also voted to amend signage rules which add to visual clutter.

When it comes to quality of life actions, Jon Snyder outdoes Mike Allen, big time.

Julian Powers