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Don’t vote on fears

As we drive around Spokane we see many signs to Reject Referendum 71.

But I wonder, do people really know what they are rejecting?

You are rejecting rights for normal families and their children. You are allowing fear to get in the way of a person being allowed to say goodbye to their dying partner. You are allowing fear to keep one’s children from the right to have their only known parents’ medical insurance. You are allowing fear to keep people from having the same basic rights as a heterosexual couple. You are rejecting basic human rights for all Americans.

My 18-year-old daughter is hurt, angry, confused and appalled at what she sees when she drives through town. She feels normal even though she was raised by two moms. This makes no sense to her.

Please know, we are not trying to infringe upon your heterosexual family and your love for each other. We are not trying to change your way of life or love. Please, do not fear us. We are normal. We are loving people who want the same for our families as you have for yours. Please vote yes on the side of love. Please vote yes for Referendum 71.

Mary Layton