October 31, 2009 in Letters

Existing rights sufficient

The Spokesman-Review

Voting for Proposition 4 is coming up soon and it should not get passed. In the hard times that we are facing right now, why make the situation worse?

Giving Spokane its own bill of rights is a ridiculous idea, considering America is a united nation with a set Constitution already. Some of the wording in this proposition has to go to court because of its interference with the Constitution, and I think separate cities shouldn’t be messing with our set system that has been the foundation of our country to this day.

I understand that some people think that this could help our city, but why fix something when it’s not broken? Our city of Spokane has run without a different set of rules this far, so what makes a nation’s hardship make it OK for our cities to break off into their own rules?

Right now, our nation needs to stick together and pull through this economic crisis. As an iconic motto of our nation, united we stand, divided we fall.

Karissa Rebecca Watkins


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