Grafos’ character maligned

SATURDAY, OCT. 31, 2009

I urge Spokane Valley voters to reject the character assassination directed toward Dean Grafos in the closing days of this election campaign. I am appalled and disappointed to learn that this has been perpetrated by Rev. Ian Robertson, a self-professed man of God, who should know better than to spread half-truths and innuendo. Dean is an honest businessman, citizen, husband and father who cares deeply about the Valley and possesses the commitment and intellect to serve all its residents well.

It is this desperation by his opponent that is actually driving religion and faith out of the public square. The Judeo-Christian ethical foundations that have sustained our country since its beginning – honesty, fair-mindedness, civility – are being lost and replaced with a humanistic amorality, a self-centered, self-serving, pragmatic indifference in which the end justifies the means. Do what you have to do to win. What does it matter if someone is hurt in the process? No wonder so few are willing to participate in public service.

Dean Grafos will continue to take the high road, and his integrity which guides his moral compass will point the city of Spokane Valley in the right direction. Please honor him with your vote.

Mary Damascus

Spokane Valley


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