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Image crowds out reality

City politics have some feeling like they’re caught up in a bad Western. Oddly enough, our state is under what’s called Dillon Rule. Judge Dillon in 1886, distrusting local government, ruled to grant them only those powers expressly granted by the state. Our city is organized as a weak council-manager form of government. Structural change is limited to city-countywide charter or to strong-mayor government. These limited choices hold “Death Valley,” aka Spokane Valley, hostage.

Many businesses don’t see the analogy too far-fetched as their business properties are rezoned into less profitable or saleable entities. An economy low on jobs and savings can’t afford the council’s 2.9 percent max tax increase. The 1 percent implementation limit still stings. What’s in your wallet? Less?

Vote for fresh talent and ideas. See beyond the campaign rhetoric. We need a council that has a heart and passion for the people. Politicians busy creating image are blind to realities they create. You are out of sight, out of mind. Dean Grafos has stood up to personal attacks with honor. He has stood with the disenfranchised when his property was exempted. He will not forget what it means to be a public servant.

Mary Pollard

Spokane Valley


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