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Reward reliable performance

There is no sense in voting for “change” if the people in office are doing a good job. I think Larry Clark and Dennis Amende should stay where they are as fire commissioners, because everything I have heard about them is positive. I also have some experience with their program.

About a month ago, Donna Montgomery took me home from a meeting, and when I got out of her car, I collapsed on my driveway. She ran and got my husband, and they called 911. They thought I was not breathing and in just a matter of minutes, the ambulance and fire truck arrived, and I was rushed to the hospital for a new pacemaker.

It’s at times like that that you truly appreciate the efficiency of your fire department.

Vote for Larry Clark and Dennis Amende. Vote at the fire station on or before Nov. 3 at Hayden Lake. You may be the next one to need the services they are responsible for.

Ruthie Johnson

Hayden Lake