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The Slice: Der Highlanders stick together

Sat., Oct. 31, 2009

And a “Cougs” shirt shall bring us together.

Spokane’s Megan Davis, who lives in Germany because that’s where her husband is stationed, was out walking when she saw a young woman wearing a WSU garment.

You don’t see those every day in the homeland of Beethoven and Wagner. “Of course, I had to say something,” said Davis, whose last name used to be Holm.

That’s how she met Brittni Jackson, who is also married to a guy in the Air Force.

The two women quickly established that they had attended Shadle Park High School at the same time. They didn’t know one another then. But now they occasionally see each other in a German pub and reminisce about Spokane.

“You know, it’s amazing,” wrote Davis. “I spent all of my teenage years waiting to get the hell out of Spokane. And now I can’t get enough news about that place.”

Funny how that works.

She promised to raise a glass to The Slice next time she and Jackson meet. “Just too bad Oktoberfest is mostly over with.”

Speaking of beer: “My grandfather drank home-brew,” wrote Ray Blowers in answer to a Slice question. “There was always a crock brewing in the pantry. It was never bottled. As soon as the crude settled, he and my uncles dipped it right out of the crock.”

And for Craig Sleeth’s grandfather as well as other relatives, drinking Bohemian beer was a family tradition. Sleeth’s forebears operated the brewery here in Spokane.

Anyone remember Bohemian Club in the cone-top cans?

It’s not a three-day weekend: But Monday will mark the unofficial start of Holidays Weight Gain Season as co-workers dump an avalanche of leftover Halloween candy on the office.

Today’s Slice question: What percentage of Northwest stereotypes aren’t even remotely applicable to our area?

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