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Resist the nonsense

I read Mr. Tom Lawson’s letter (Sept. 2) and thought, “Stop getting your information from Faux News.” I’m 60, one who served his country. I can no longer stomach the lies of the Republican talking heads’ ill-informed followers.

Your President Bush had his nose into everyone’s lives via illegal wiretaps. The current economic crisis is a result of conservatives’ love of deficit spending and deregulation. The Obama administration is simply trying to extricate us from the mess created by the “got mine, to hell with everyone else” pseudo-Americans’ economic policy that Alan Greenspan admitted didn’t work. Have you all seriously bought into Cryin’ Glenn’s nonsense?

It was right-wing icons Nixon and Reagan who began the use of “czars” in our government. Worried about grandchildren’s debt? Why did you and your ilk allow us to spend hundreds of billions on an off-the-books war against Iraq?

Here’s an idea: Whine to your rich, neo-conservative benefactors, buy an island, call it Limbaughland, you can all move there and allow the USA to be great again.

In 1835 J.S. Mill stated: “Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservatives.” Enough said.

M.A. Mentzer