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Get GSL on the air

I am totally disgusted with the GSL, WIAA and every radio station in Spokane.

They have quit broadcasting any high school football games in Spokane for the second year. KHQ and its sports station are now doing one game a week. However, I have a friend who has diabetes and is blind. He officiated basketball and football in the Inland Empire for more than 30 years. Computers and Comcast are no good for him and any shut-in.

With as much money as there is in Spokane with attorneys, auto dealers, cocktail lounges, etc., don’t tell me these so-called sports stations or regular radio stations couldn’t put on a game or two every weekend with the different sponsors.

If you’re fortunate enough to go to (Albi) stadium, that’s a laugh in itself. If you want a cup of coffee and you sit on the East side, you have to walk halfway home, and going to the restroom is the same way.

I am a senior citizen with diabetes and it’s great to go watch the young people, but not with the conditions you have to put up with. KNVI in Coeur d’Alene does games each week. Spokane is very backward, especially for senior citizens, shut-ins and people who cannot operate a computer or see a TV.

Robert Hoagland



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