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Independent thinkers needed

Oh, my! Warning! Warning! The president was planning to make a speech for schoolchildren!

How can something so innocuous and potentially inspiring for our nation’s youth be viewed with such intense suspicion by supposedly socially responsible adults in our society? Is this the final straw, the incident where these same adults realize that they have been duped by a few anti-Obama commentators and news media into making absolute fools of themselves? Apparently not.

I am reminded of the sheep in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” a group of nonthinkers who blindly followed their leaders, bleating “Four legs good; two legs bad.”

Well, now the sheep are blindly bleating “Republicans good; Democrats bad” as they unthinkingly leap into criticism of every action the president takes, no matter what it is.

Get a life, people! Try thinking for yourselves!

I don’t support everything the president proposes, but nor do I automatically reject it just because “my team lost the election.” Yes, that’s what it amounts to. Not what’s good for America, or what’s the socially responsible thing to do, but what advances the opposing political agenda. I find that more frightening than anything the president could say, that’s for sure.

Janet Newton

Spokane Valley