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Medicare is a debacle

Dr. Donald Condon’s guest commentary on Saturday, Sept. 5, was spot on!

He has expressed with great clarity his thoughtful personal consideration and decision regarding continuing his medical practice relationship with Medicare.

I do not know Dr. Condon, but before my retirement, I practiced nursing in an internal medicine office for nearly 20 years. The physician I worked with tried exhaustively to keep his “head above water” financially in his exemplary care of all his patients, whether they had private or Medicare insurance.

The Medicare program has become a progressive debacle since it was signed into law in 1965. If you understand what Dr. Condon’s horrid dilemma has been, you should understand what the consequences may be if the present proposed health care reform is enacted. Think deeply before you vote in 2010 and 2012 – and in the meantime, express your heartfelt appreciation to your physician.

Edna Fruit, R.N. (retired)



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