No low temperature records broken so far

SUNDAY, SEPT. 13, 2009

So far this month we’ve had highs in the 90s, highs in the 60s, and everything in between. High pressure has been responsible for the unseasonably warm and dry weather this weekend, but many folks may have thought fall was here early when overnight temperatures took a big dip last Tuesday. Mother Nature honored the “unofficial” end to the summer season by bringing temperatures as cold as 29 degrees to the parts of the Inland Northwest the morning of the Sept. 8. Here were some of the chilly temperatures reported that morning:

Deer Park 29 degrees, National Weather Service Office (Spokane) 32 degrees, and Sandpoint 34 degrees.

As cold as some of these temperatures were, no low temperature records were broken. Looking into the next couple of weeks, cold spells should be held at bay as we see a run of above normal temperatures.

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