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Sun., Sept. 13, 2009

Privatize American schools

It’s nice that President Obama is telling schoolkids that they should study hard and prepare for life, but what he should be doing is apologizing for the incompetent socialist public school system we are sticking them in.

It’s inconceivable to me that in a nation that invented and thrived on free enterprise and competition we would have a school system that is a virtual monopoly. A system that does not reward excellence in its employees and gives them a job for life is not an American school system. A system in which the federal and state governments use the threat of withholding tax dollars from local schools to take control from local school districts is not an American school system. The American school system is broken beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

The answer is competition and choice. Whether through vouchers or other means, schools must be made to compete against each other, and choice must be given back to the parent and student, where it belongs.

I guarantee you that if this change is made, American schoolchildren will be the best educated in the world within one generation.

Joseph Polowski

Deer Park

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