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Tribe could profit

Sun., Sept. 13, 2009

Rich Landers’ outdoors column (Aug. 27, “Legislation raises questions …”) concerned itself with legislative bills that, if passed, would be of tremendous benefit to the Spokane Tribe of Indians.

The state of Washington legally owes the Spokanes millions of dollars, of course, which the state has no intention of paying.

Another part of the legislative bills would return jurisdiction over tribal lands and waterways to the tribe. Again, because the state would have to lose some revenue because of the transfer of authority, the state won’t comply.

It is odd that the progressive-thinking movers and shakers in state government are always pounding on the citizenry to pay more, produce more and achieve more for the ultimate benefit of the state financial coffers, yet refuse to honor the efforts of the tribes and their efforts to be independent of the state and its very large footprint.

A great Native American spokesman once said: “The white man has made us many promises. He has broken all of those promises but one. He promised to take our land, and he did.”

Individuals still question why the Native Americans have been and will continue to be reluctant to assimilate.

Ken Brown


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