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Calm the restless mob

Let’s hear it for self-expression. It’s quite proper, even commendable, for any of us to exert influence, at least make the effort, using facts and reason. It’s what responsible citizens do.

It’s quite another thing to stir and blow on the always-glowing coals of fear, hate, greed and ignorant passions to manipulate and incite people and bring on rash acts. It’s what demagogues do.

It’s what is happening. Our political field is strewn with rubble. It’s as if hockey players had invaded the golf tournament and brought their sticks. What game has this become? Where is our rule book – our referee?

I wish I were exaggerating, but I see a mob turned loose. It’s threatening more than our goal posts. Partisanship is great, but this is tempting fate. These wild charges call us to annihilate.

Read their signs. Know their threats. Spill this president’s blood and America will forever hemorrhage.

Time out! Blow the whistle. Stop their crazy game.

Tom Westbrook



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