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Sat., Sept. 19, 2009

Highway work half done

We spent $8.1 million resurfacing Interstate 90. Then why not fix the joints at the overpasses?

I-90 eastbound at the S curve at Hamilton Street, the first joint is a small bump, the second you can really notice, the third almost tears the wheels off my pickup.

They go in there and weld up the bridges every year or so, then put a big blob patch on top of it so the traffic then pounds the repair to dust in a few short months. Then they repair it again and reblob it. Maybe if they smoothed it over and did like a professional repair on the surface the joints would last longer, and so would my pickup.

They resurfaced the bridge on I-90 at Four Lakes but missed the exit 270 off-ramp for Four Lakes-Cheney that needs a resurface. They told me they would do that last year but it’s still all potholes and broken and uneven pavement. Guess we’re lucky to have even that.

Norm Ellefson


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