SATURDAY, SEPT. 19, 2009

Supporters fought the good fight

An amazing volunteer effort by many dedicated Valley citizens resulted in a gathering of 17,000 signatures from voters who wanted to re-vote on whether or not we remain a city. Time was the enemy of disincorporation. We had six months to gather 24,000 signatures or 50 percent of all registered voters in the city of Spokane Valley. March and April did not cooperate weatherwise, so May, June, July and August were the workable months. There just wasn’t enough time.

The disincorporation efforts in our Spokane Valley are the largest ever attempted in the United States. Other efforts have involved small towns. In towns of small population, signature numbers are low and relatively easy to obtain. The larger the city, the more difficult it is to reach the mandated numbers.

The city of Spokane only needed 16,000 signatures to put the impeachment of their mayor on the ballot a few years ago. A statewide initiative only requires 8 percent of signatures of the voters who voted in the last governor’s race. A statewide referendum only requires the signatures of 4 percent of the registered voters who voted in the last governor’s race.

Citizens for Disincorporation are supporting all of the challenger candidates in the upcoming November elections. They will be more sensitive to the concerns and wishes of Valley citizens.

Sally Jackson

Spokane Valley


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