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Obama after control

Some Democrats want blood from Republicans who condoned “torture.” How about when Republicans regain power? Can they prosecute Obama and his cronies for treason and for shredding the Constitution? Treason comes with a hefty price or at least it used to.

Obama wants everything our Founding Fathers fought against. Obama wants control over every aspect of our lives and one way to do this is through “health care reform.” Seat belt and helmet laws were created to “prevent long-term injuries resulting in taxpayer burden.” Why not create a law that if you get hurt doing something stupid you’re on your own? That doesn’t give the government power or a way to generate revenue (tickets).

With “health care for all,” what else will become illegal? Maybe fatty foods, soft drinks, tobacco and alcohol? What about risky activities like sports, fast cars, etc.? We are being told we need to walk or ride bikes to save the world but our “leaders” fly all over the world and take multiple jets, a helicopter and who knows how many vehicles just to take the wife to dinner and a show.

Wake up, people, this is all about control. They win and we lose.

Rob Leach

Mica, Wash.