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Cheney OKs computer servers

Internal loan will cover cost of $220,000

The Cheney City Council agreed Tuesday night to purchase new computer servers to replace their existing ones, which are failing.

Commander Rick Campbell of the Cheney Police Department asked the council to approve a $220,000 internal loan from the Solid Waste Fund to the IT Fund to purchase the servers. He said when the current servers were purchased the city was told they would need to be replaced in three to five years. Campbell said that the city is now coming to the end of six years with them.

He added that two of the 12 servers the city has are failing, the e-mail server is working at its maximum capacity and the Web site server is out of date. There have also been more and more system failures with the current servers.

“Now is the time to bring an update to our Web site,” Campbell told the council.

Campbell said that the load would be paid back within five years.

“In five years we’ll need to replace it again,” said Councilman Doug Nixon. He asked if the city would be setting aside funds for the next server upgrade.

Cathy Munoz, director of communications in the Cheney Police Department, said the plan is to find servers that would still be functional for 10 years with upgrades along the way. There are also plans in the works for the next time the city needs new servers.

“We are putting in place replacement plans,” Munoz said.

Councilman Curt Huff made a motion to approve the ordinance and include the second and third readings Tuesday night, because the computers are failing now and the city shouldn’t wait to replace them. The council unanimously approved.

The council also approved an agreement with the Spokane Regional Sports Commission to accept donated funds to the city for the specific use of improving the city parks. The parks department received a $10,000 donation from Farmers Insurance and 710 AM ESPN Seattle to build ball parks and the city isn’t a 501(c)3, or nonprofit tax status.

“They volunteered to serve as the nonprofit agency,” Parks Director Paul Simmons told the council of the Spokane Regional Sports Commission.

The commission will accept any funds the city receives and send it directly to Cheney.

“They’re serving as our tax donation partner,” Simmons told the council.

The next Cheney City Council meeting will be held Oct. 13.