September 24, 2009 in Letters

Concern looks partisan

The Spokesman-Review

Tom Westbrook (Letters, Sept. 19) is concerned that some unrefereed citizen might “spill this president’s blood,” and should such a tragedy occur “America will forever hemorrhage.” That is highly unlikely, but one wonders whether similar thoughts crossed the mind of reader Westbrook when signs proclaiming “Kill Bush” were being paraded about and a motion picture about the assassination of President George W. Bush was produced while he was our president. I’m inclined to doubt that such were the case. Moreover, I will assert with certainty of not being contradicted that a motion picture about assassinating President Barack Obama would not be permitted to be produced and circulated, nor should it.

In a somewhat like vein, while I agree with William Slusher (Letters, Sept. 19) that it is most peculiar that President Obama spends huge amounts of money to prevent release of documents pertaining to his personal life, there was unsurprisingly little fussing by the then-“mainstream” media over Bill Clinton’s adamant refusal to make public his medical records. No Republican president would be granted such slack, nor should he (or she). But neither should Obama or Clinton. But that’s just the way the world of political partisanship works.

Leonard C. Johnson

Moscow, Idaho

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