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Highway doesn’t rock

A few years ago I drove by the construction area of the north-south corridor near the base of Mount St. Michaels. There were mountains of beautiful granite rock that had been excavated from that area.

I called the Department of Transportation office, suggesting that the granite be incorporated into the design aspects of the freeway. It has always been my understanding that freeways were required to incorporate materials and vegetation into the design that are native to the area.

Recently I drove that new segment, expecting to see the inclusion of that beautiful rock in the design. Absolutely none! I was outraged! But then I realized that that is not the way government operates. They most generally pay millions of dollars to private enterprise for materials.

I also noticed three other vehicles on the entire stretch during the rush hour. What a bust! We wait nearly five decades for relief from all the interstate traffic passing through our neighborhoods and this is what we get. A freeway built in reverse that serves hardly anyone.

Instead of a ribbon-cutting ceremony and all the plaudits, we should have had a tomato toss.

Allan LeTourneau



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