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Inland Northwest participation rates generally near 60 percent

Thu., April 1, 2010

Completely confidential

The Census Bureau does not share confidential information with any other organizations.

Time it takes

It takes an estimated 10 minutes to answer questions, which include name, age, race, Hispanic origins and homeownership.

No more long form

The “long form” no longer exists. It has been converted to an ongoing survey (American Community Survey) throughout the decade.

In six languages

The form can be found in the following languages upon request: Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and English. Language assistance guides are available in 59 languages, plus Braille and large print.

What’s at stake

$400 billion-plus in federal funds are to be distributed each year based on census population data.

435 U.S. House of Representatives seats are apportioned according to the census.

Census rivalry

Spokane Mayor Mary Verner has challenged Spokane Valley Mayor Tom Towey to a contest to see which city can generate the highest participation rate in the census. The loser will have to wear the other city’s T-shirt in Bloomsday.

Amount we can save

$56 cost of obtaining info on a residence if a counter must make a visit. (In comparison, the cost of residents mailing back their forms is 42 cents.)

$1.5 billion can be saved if everyone mails back their forms.

It costs $85 million to send a counter to each 1 percent of nonresponding households.

Who is counted

Federal law requires anyone living in the United States – regardless of citizenship – to be counted.

The numbers

281.4 million people were counted in the 2000 census.

The 2010 estimate is 309 million.

There are 134 million residences to be counted.

Forms are due ASAP

In May counters will begin approaching residences where forms have not been returned.


Be Counted forms for those who did not receive a census form or who believe they weren’t otherwise counted. They can be picked up at dozens of locations, including STA Plaza in downtown Spokane, South Hill Library, DeLeon Foods (102 E. Francis Ave.), Spokane Valley Library, Spokane Valley Partners (10814 E. Broadway Ave.), Post Falls Senior Center and Coeur d’Alene St. Vincent DePaul.

Questions daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. can be directed to:

English, (866) 872-6868

Spanish, (866) 928-2010

Chinese, (866) 935-2010

Korean, (866) 955-2010

Vietnamese, (866) 945-2010

Russian, (866) 965-2010

TDD for the hearing-impaired, (866) 783-2010

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