April 1, 2010 in Letters

Not a victim

The Spokesman-Review

I must confess, I do not know why I am upset your “news” paper called the suspect shot by police on the South Hill last Friday morning a “victim.” That suspect came to that home, a convicted felon possessing a firearm, with the intent to assault family members. When that plan was interrupted by the police, he chose to shoot several rounds at responding officers. He basically attacked the police. And you call him a victim. Wow. He lost a gunfight with the police. That makes him a loser, not a victim.

I guess I am more upset about how your paper purposely misleads the readers with misinformation, carefully selected words and inflammatory spinning of the truth (agenda-based reporting). The level of irresponsibility in your journalism amazes me. How about you take the police’s number out of your phones. The next time someone assaults you, or robs you, or burglarizes your home, call the fire department or Doug Clark, for he is professing he knows more about protecting the public from his cozy desk in a secure building laced with security guards and break rooms than the rest of us out here willing to roam the streets and confront armed suspects.

Tim Moses

Spokane police officer


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