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Sat., April 3, 2010, midnight

GOP shut out

Nancy Runyan (“Art of compromise lacking,” March 27) is missing a lot of key points. First, why should the GOP compromise? They’ve been shut out of the health care debate since Day 1. None of their ideas or amendments was adopted. Why sign on to a $2.5 trillion economic disaster? The Democrats own this.

The only party that is on the side of 60 percent of Americans who don’t want this government takeover of their health care is the Republican Party. They are the ones listening to us, not Obama and the Democrats. Ideas? How about health care savings accounts, buying insurance across state lines, real medical malpractice reform, broad-based marginal tax cuts?

Yes the sky is sunny and the birds are singing, for now. Let’s hear your response when, in October, we sign up for our health care with our company-sponsored health care and there is a big increase in premiums. This is because of all the federal mandates under this plan. Verizon, AT&T and others are already warning their employees of this.

But Obama will blame the greedy insurance companies and lie like he always has, when in fact it is his fault.

Mark Duclos


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