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Make positive change happen for future of Spokane Valley

As we planned, 20 years in the future … we are driving west on I-90 and take the Pines Road exit.

The exit is lined with people with signs, “Please help – we need money for taxes.”

We go south and turn right onto Wilhite Avenue, formerly Sprague Avenue. We look down Wilhite Avenue to a tree-lined road with buildings right out to the sidewalk. People are all dressed up, with flowers and balloons, and ice cream from the creamery. Electric cars and bicycles are the mode of transportation. Signs pointing to the back of businesses are for parking. “I wonder where we are, Spokane Valley?” I ask.

We drive farther past condos and more buildings with no signs, or at least signs too small to read. Again, I ask “Where are we, Spokane Valley?”

We finally enter an area that used to be University City. We take a left onto Denenny Drive. A toll gate awaits us with a large neon sign, that reads “Welcome to Munsonville, a planned city.”

So, that’s where we are. We drive by a waterfall in Dempsey’s Flower Garden. In the garden is a statue of Munson, with a frown on his face, and what looks like taxpayers at his feet. On our right is the new Gothmann library, with a statue of Gothmann and Albert Einstein, shaking hands. Next to it is the city hall, The Munson Building, a large multistory building that looks totally out of place, with a sign reading, “Donated by the citizens of Spokane Valley to Munsonville.”

We ask ourselves, “What happened to Spokane Valley?”

Spokane Valley’s future was set and we voted against Munsonville and SARP.

We voted for Positive Change … “Let’s get r done.”

Spokane Valley resident Dan Allison can be reached by e-mail at