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Sat., April 3, 2010

Nukes prevent invasions

Mr. Star’s editorial regarding Iran nukes noted, “Iran marches on in its pursuit of nuclear weapons while the Obama administration procrastinates. …” Please remind Mr. Star that since World War II, the U.S. has made war in Korea, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Lebanon, Palestine, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Afghanistan, Panama and Iraq twice.

One thing these countries had in common was the lack of nuclear weapons. If I were a leader of a country who didn’t polish U.S. shoes and could afford it, I would want to have nukes, too. Security is every country’s No. 1 concern, not just the USA’s.

On a related note, could we be a bit more English and Amish in our response to our next terrorist attack? The English continue on with a stiff upper lip and the Amish pray for their children’s murderers. The alternative is another trillion-dollar war, which will surely bankrupt the country and make us no safer than before. Our corpulent defense spending is simply outrageous.

Leonard Butters


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