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Sun., April 4, 2010

Legalize marijuana

Ballot initiative I-1068 is now gathering signatures to allow Washingtonians to decide whether or not to legalize marijuana. I think we should all consider this seriously and ask ourselves what causes more harm to our society, marijuana or marijuana prohibition?

For those of us who are concerned with the state budget, it is estimated that ending the war on marijuana would save Washington state over $100 million a year. For those concerned with the failure of our medical marijuana law to protect patients from prosecution, this would certainly be a quick fix.

Maybe you are concerned with the thousands of people whose lives are ruined by marijuana prohibition, whether it is from the drug wars on our borders or imprisoning otherwise productive members of our society and turning them into criminals. I’m a realist, and while I would never encourage my children to use any drug, if they chose to experiment with marijuana, I’d rather they bought it from someone who will not sell to them until they are of age.

Let’s vote to stop the flow of money to the drug cartels. Please support the ballot initiative by signing or even volunteering!

Gregory Bruna


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